Not in L.A.? Mail it in
You can send us a device, we’ll figure out what’s wrong with it, repair it, and ship it back to you.  Start by filling this form.

We’ve been doing this for the last few years and have had great success servicing the needs of
customers outside of our service area. Sometimes there is no local shop that will work on your
device for less than 90% the cost of a new one. Don’t give up hope – that’s what the mail is for!


So diagnostic is free?

Yes. The only fees you would pay would be to transport the device to us and back to you.

How much is return shipping to get my device back to me?

Within  USA, the usual cost is about 25 Dollars. For shipping out of USA to other countries,
the cost is around 40-75 Dollars

Where do I send my device to?

We accept mail-in at our store location. The address is as follows.

Mac Ezpc Corporation

1243 S Alvarado St STE C3

Los Angeles, Ca 90006

How long does a repair take?

This really depends on the repair. Most screen repairs on iPhone and iPad are done the same day.
Few days for keyboards, track-pads. Data recovery can be anywhere from one day to a month, motherboard repair
can take anywhere from an hour to six weeks depending on the severity of the issue.

For your particular situation, feel free to email or call us to inquire about the turnaround time for your particular device.

How do I pay for service?

We accept most of the payments methods.