Specialists On Advanced Chip Level Logic Board Repairs

The #1 choice for Mac® Logic Board repairs in & around Los Angeles

 We have the amazing ability to repair the things your local shop breaks.
Yes, even the logic board.

At Mac Ezpc Corporation, we work on every possible problem that could occur with MacBook

We offer complete technical support for your Mac laptop. We have the knowledge,
all the necessary tools and the most important – many years of experience – to resolve any software or hardware problem occurred with MacBook.

Based on years of experience and know-how, we will be able to fix your MacBook regardless of the issue.
We have the necessary knowledge and professional tools to repair even the most complicated problems.

We provide an affordable alternative solution to Apple® Store at a fraction of Apple’s quoted price.
If you have a faulty logic board in your Apple computer, don’t replace or trash it; REPAIR it.
You will not only pay much less but also help to reduce electronic waste.
We are located in two locations: Los Angeles & Marina Del Rey and offer postal Mac repair services to customers United States wide.


MacBook logic board repair


We provide a full range of Mac repair services for:

MacBook Air,    MacBook Pro,    MacBook Pro Retina,   MacBook Pro TouchBar,    iMac,    Mac Mini,    Mac Pro,     PC


Our services include:

Logic board repair 

Liquid damage (Water, soda, coffee, beer, etc)

Mac not turning on 

Screen replacement (In 30 minutes!)

◉  Battery replacement (In 30 minutes!)

Keyboard replacement (Same day)

Trackpad replacement (Same day)

Wi-Fi card replacement (Same day)

Data backup and Mac OS installation

MacBook overheating or slow

SSD & RAM upgrade

Broken speakers

Software & hardware tune up

Any other issue 




Why Choose Us?

6 month warranty

No fix = No pay

Save up to  70% with a logic board repair

#1 Mac repair in L.A.

Fast turnaround

Highest success rates

Affordable prices

Family owned & operated

National mail-in repair services

Five-star rated business