Laptop Repair in Marina Del Rey, CA

Are you in need of services for Laptop repair in Marina Del Rey, CA? Look no further than Mac Ezpc. We are the most trusted one-stop solution for all Laptop problem fixing. We make sure to take the challenge by the throat and throw it out the window.

Convenient Laptop Repair Store | MAC EZPC

Mac Ezpc is the perfect place to take your device for the best Laptop repair Service in Marina Del Rey. We can handle any type of problems your PC might be having. We provide seamless restoration services for your computer system.


Some Recurring Laptop Repair Services We Cater To

Battery Replacement

Batteries, being one of the most carelessly used parts of the laptop, are prone to damage and need replacements. If yours isn’t performing well and you want a high-quality laptop battery replacement at pocket-friendly rates, check out our store. 

Laptop Screen Replacement

Screens, being the second most carelessly used item on the laptop, get damaged quite often. If you want to get yours replaced, we can help. We have replaced a lot of laptop screens, all varying from the latest generations to the oldest generation systems.

Laptop Water Damage Repair

Water does no good to Laptops. Even a tiny splash can result in hundreds of dollars worth of damage. If your laptop has water damage, get to our store and get it fixed. A computer system’s internal components are very water-phobic and don’t like it when they become in contact with it.

Keyboard Repair and Replacement Service

If your laptop’s malfunctioning keys are killing its proper functionality, bring it to our store to get it fixed and restore the utility of your system. We can check if it is repairable or not, and then we will recommend a proper solution to you.

Laptop Overheating Repair

Is your laptop’s heatsink not functioning properly? Is your laptop too hot to touch after every session of usage? We know what to do: don’t rely on additional cooling fans and pads; bring your system to us for thermal pasting or any other issues with your PC’s heat dissipation system.

Laptop Virus Removal

Viruses make you vulnerable to losing your data or transferring it to unauthorized and untrusted people who can blackmail you using this data. If you want to get rid of such bugs and viruses, let us step in and become your defender against bad people.

Why do so many people trust us with their laptop repair service needs?

We know what a person’s relationship with their laptop is, and we respect this bond. This makes us deliver our top most quality services to ensure your charming experience with your beloved gadget.

Our experts know every twisted detail of a computer system and can deliver restoration for any type of damage. Nothing is beyond repairable for us or our technicians. They see every damaged laptop as a challenge and take extra care, just like a doctor with a patient.


If you need Laptop repair in Marina Del Rey, CA, We, Mac Ezpc, are very pocket-friendly and inexpensive. When it comes to the quality of service, we are second to none . No one can beat us with the prices as well as the quality of replacement parts we use for your repairs. If you need an instant quote, you may contact us or visit us in store.


How much should I spend on a laptop repair?

The general rule of thumb is that if the repair costs half as much as the price of a new laptop, you should consider getting Laptop Repair in Marina Del Rey, CA. But if it costs more than this, you should get a new laptop.

Should I DIY laptop repairs myself?

If you have the right tools, there’s no harm in repairing minor issues yourself. Order or buy your replacement part from Mac Ezpc and replace your faulty part. However, if you think you can mess it up or are overwhelmed by it, we are here to help!

What is the lifetime of a laptop?

Ideally, a laptop can perform best for 5 Years; a little performance gap can be seen in 7 years, and it might need a few hardware upgrades after 10 years. When you feel like it is old and out of date, you should replace it.