Broken glass or Lcd screen?


This is the most common issue. The iPhone has an incredibly delicate glass screen, which cracks very easily.
We can repair them in as little as an hour depending on business volume – just walk on in!

What sets us aside from others, is that we replace the whole front LCD panel with new OEM specification assembly
We Don’t replace only the glass, We Don’t use recycled or compatible displays

When we fix a broken glass, we use brand new LCD screen and digitizer assemblies, since we believe that this is the only right way for repair.
Most of the service shops use recycled or compatible LCD assemblies, where the colors and the backlight are pale,
the touch doesn’t function properly, frame starts to separate from glass few weeks after the replacement causing problems with the touch and LCD panel.
These two methods for screen repair are not good quality and long lasting,
because there is a high risk for future problems with the touch (not registering touch, laggy response, random self generated touches in different areas)
or screen (vertical lines, bad pixels, darker or lighter spots on the backlight).

Our highest priority is the best quality, not the cheapest price. We use brand new OEM parts, which give us the confidence necessary to offer full warranty for all our repairs.

 For More information related to this so check below link.

Battery problems?

After two or three years of active use, iPhone cannot make it through the day with a full charge.
It’s time to replace your iPhone battery if you experience any of the following symptoms – battery is swollen,
quick dropping of battery percentage %, battery is charging too rapidly to 100%,
sudden iPhone shut down or restart especially in cold weather or if the “Battery life”
in menu shows under 83%. We have good quality batteries in stock,
for models up to iPhone 8/8+. The battery replacement takes about 15-20 minutes while you wait – call in and ask!


MacBook logic board repair




Why Choose Us?

6 month warranty

No fix = No pay

Save up to  70% with a logic board repair

#1 Mac repair in L.A.

Fast turnaround

Highest success rates

Affordable prices

Family owned & operated

National mail-in repair services

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