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Have you lost data from your Macintosh computer, such as critical business documents, music, photos or videos?
Did you accidentally delete files or lose partitions? Have you lost data because you dropped your Macbook, spilled
water on your Mac mini or your iMac was in a fire? Do you need help on how to recover files from a Mac hard drive?


Owners of the latest MacBook Pro with Touch Bar are in for a rude surprise if the logic board inside their laptop
gives up the ghost. Apparently, Apple tweaked the design of the 2018 models in such a way that makes data reco-
very practically impossible when the system is no longer able to boot. Even Apple Store employees are not able
to help.
The issue relates to the soldering of the solid-state drive (SSD) to the motherboard inside the MacBook Pro.


Apple has been doing this for at least the past couple of years, though it also built a special tool to allow
Genius Bars and Apple Authorized Service Providers to extract data from the SSD when the logic board is
toast (assuming the SSD didn’t go bad as well).
Apple’s tool is a little black box with a flex cable that connects
to the data recovery port on the faulty logic board. The box also connects to a working MacBook Pro
through a USB-C connection and is able to pluck a user’s data off the faulty system. It works with
2016 and 2017
 of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Unfortunately, it seems the tool is not compatible with the 2018 model.


Thanks to our Micro-Soldering skills we are able to recover your Data from your dead MacBook®

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Our services include:

Logic board repair 

Liquid damage (Water, soda, coffee, beer, etc)

Mac not turning on 

Screen replacement (In 30 minutes!)

◉  Battery replacement (In 30 minutes!)

Keyboard replacement (Same day)

Trackpad replacement (Same day)

Wi-Fi card replacement (Same day)

Data backup and Mac OS installation

MacBook overheating or slow

SSD & RAM upgrade

Broken speakers

Software & hardware tune up

Any other issue 




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