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In just 30 minutes or less we can have your MacBook® screen like new.

Logic board repair


We’re a micro soldering specialised company and we repair MacBook logic boards DAILY. We can literally save you hundreds by repairing your logic board instead of replacing.


Mac®- Hard Drive - Usb DATA RECOVERY

Have you lost data from your Macintosh computer, such as critical business documents, music, photos or videos?



We will replace the faulty chips with new ones. This is called component-level repair, the highest level of Mac repair. This is the most economical way to get your Mac back to work again without loosing your data.



You unplug your charger and the MacBook turns right off! Maybe it works but dies very quickly, or works until it hits 50% then turns right off. This is common, as laptop batteries rarely make it past two years in good condition.

MACBOOK keyboard repair


You hit A and G pops out, or maybe it doesn’t register you pressed a key at all. This is a common problem as the keyboard is the first part of the laptop to succumb to liquid damage during a spill.

dustgate macbook


The MacBook Flexgate issue is a design flaw affecting several MacBook Pro models released between 2016 and 2017. . If you’ve been experiencing display issues on your MacBook Pro, it may be due to the Flexgate issue.

macbook ssd ram

MacBook & iMac® SSD & RAM UPGRADES

Grant your Macbook a second chance to serve you. Upgrade Macbook SSD for Better Loading Speed and Upgrade Macbook RAM for Better Multi-Tasking Capability

  • Have an old and slow Macbook?
  • Insufficient storage capacity?
  • Lack of memory for better multi-tasking purposes?

Why stand in line at the Genius Bar?    
Save up to 70% compared to Apple® Store

Premium Mac® Repair Services    |    Specialists On Advanced Chip Level Logic Board Repairs.


Mac Ezpc Corporation is the leading MacBook repair specialist in Los Angeles. We specialize in Apple Mac repair at the chip level. We’ll repair your Mac logic board for a flat fee, so you can have it back working exactly the same as before. Whether it’s been water damaged or the board suddenly died out of nowhere, we’ll take care of it.

You don’t need to replace the most expensive part in the MacBook to have it working again!
We can repair your original board by locating the defective elements and replacing them with brand new ones. By repairing the board instead of replacing it, we can save you a lot of money. Our success rate is incredibly high.


MacBook Repair







We provide a full range of Mac repair services for:

MacBook Air,    MacBook Pro,    MacBook Pro Retina,   MacBook Pro TouchBar,    iMac,    Mac Mini,    Mac Pro,     PC

Our services include:

Level 1. (Basic)

Screen replacement (30 minutes)

 Battery replacement (30 minutes)

Keyboard replacement (Same day)

Trackpad replacement (Same day)

Wi-Fi card replacement (Same day)

Data backup and Mac OS installation

MacBook overheating or slow

Virus & Malware removal

Software Installation

SSD & RAM upgrade 

Any other issue


Level 2. (Advanced  Microsoldering)

 Logic board repair 

 Liquid damage (Water, soda, coffee, beer, etc)

 Mac not turning on due a short circuit

 MacBook not charging

Battery not detected

 Mac data recovery

 Graphic card issue repair

 EFI or password removal

No Wi-Fi

 Screen with no backlight or black screen 

 Fan running at full speed

 USB ports not working

 No audio-sound

 Any other issue 








Why Choose Us?

6 month warranty

No fix = No pay

Save up to  70% with a logic board repair

#1 Mac repair in L.A.

Fast turnaround

Highest success rates

Affordable prices

Family owned & operated

National mail-in repair services

Five-star rated business








Mac® Repair Process

STEP 1.     Drop off or Mail in  your MacBook ®

STEP 2.     Receive a free diagnostic

STEP 3.    Review & approve the repair

STEP 4.     Receive your repaired MacBook ®




Our Specialty:

MacBook® Liquid damage & Logic board repair

Need more advanced services? We’re a micro soldering specialised company and we repair MacBook logic boards DAILY. We can literally save you hundreds by repairing your logic board instead of replacing.
All services are performed in house.

We have the amazing ability to repair the things your local shop breaks.
Yes, even the logic board.

Apple® said “your Logic Board is dead and you have to replace it or get another MacBook®”
And the quote is over $600

That’s what Apple® may want you to think.
90% of the MacBook® are fixable







Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Apple certified?

Definitely not. Being Apple certified would us in trouble even for replacing a simple component.
Being Apple authorized would force us to charge you $650-$1250 to replace your motherboard
because of that one component!
Apple seems to be more interested in persuading you to buy a
new Mac if a faulty logic board is found in an out-of-warranty device rather than repairing the
logic board. Only those logic boards still under warranty will be sent out to overseas for repair
(Foxconn China, manufacturer of logic boards for MacBook, iMac, iPhone).
There is huge profit difference between selling a new Mac and repairing a faulty logic board. 

I  spilled a drink on my MacBook, and now it won’t start. Can you fix it?

Yes. The liquid will corrode the electronic components such as resistors and capacitors on the Mac logic board.
We will replace the faulty chips with new ones. This is called component-level repair, the highest level of Mac repair.
We can repair it in 2 days. This is the most economical way to get your Mac back to work again.


Should I go with someone who says he can do it for much cheaper instead?

Best of luck to you. Most of these places aren’t real businesses, or are real businesses staffed
by people who are inexperienced and learn from by practicing on your equipment,
or learn off YouTube. It’s a great source of information, but watching YouTube doesn’t make one a tech.
It makes them someone who knows how to follow the instructions given to them off a video.

Will the repair affect my warranty?

if Apple can’t tell the machine’s been opened or repaired, there’s no problem. Our meticulous workmanship
ensure they’ll never know we were there. Will the next house-call repair person use a magnetized tray
to ensure each screw is saved? If you have liquid damaged your laptop and are having us repair your logic board,
you will likely be laughed at by the Genius Bar if you ever return for a warranty issue.
The methods we use to repair corroded circuit boards are highly reliable and effective,
but leave a mark, similar to installation of a pacemaker. It will be obvious we were there.

Can you recover data from my liquid damaged Mac?

Yes. If your Mac has a removable hard drive, we can get the data directly from the drive.
If the SSD chips are soldered to the logic board in your Mac,
we need to repair the logic board first to access to your data. Some MacBook models have a “lifeboat”
port to access to the SSD chips directly via a special data recovery tool.

Can I upgrade my MacBook SSD drive?

You can upgrade the SSD drive if your MacBook has a removable drive.
These models include MacBook Pro A1708, A1398, A1502, A1425 and
MacBook Air A1466, A1465, A1370, A1369.
All MacBook models with SSD chips soldered on the logic board are not upgradable.
These models include MacBook Pro A2289, A2251, A2159, A2141, A1990, A1989, A1707, A1706,
MacBook Air A2179, A1932 and 12″ MacBook A1534.
You can find the model number on the back case.

How long does it take to get a diagnostic?

It depends on your issue. We normally give you an estimate while you wait,
unless you have liquid damage, in this case you would have to leave it for an estimate.

Are you the cheapest shop around?

Our pricing is based on taking what we feel is fair.  We work towards building an honest reputation
– the kind where you’ll trust what we say, without having to shop around to feel like you’re not being ripped off. 
There are cheaper alternatives to our services. Please do not mistake humble pricing with cheap labor.
We do not aim to be the lowest priced service provider, nor do we apologize or hide our labor rates. 
We are excellent at what we do, we provide excellent service, and we price ourselves accordingly.


Do you fix Mac only?

No. We also work on Windows PC computers and selected Android phones and tablets.
Many of our customers use Windows and android devices beside the Apple product,
so we provide a complete solution to their cross platform problems





What our customers say about us?

I'm a tech and this place is heaven..
Devan Culbert
Devan Culbert
I was nervous to send my laptop half way across country to be repaired, but I could not find anyone in my state who could do the repair. Everything went smooth. fairly affordable, good communication. Turn around was roughly 2 weeks with shipping both ways, but was also during holidays. Overall very satisfied and would use again
Sherwin Nikamal
Sherwin Nikamal
Honestly advice and great work. Fixed my MacBooks charging issue. Thanks a lot
Tom Stephenson DiGiuseppe
Tom Stephenson DiGiuseppe
These guys were the best. thought I killed my computer with water damage an they brought it back timely and for a solid price. they even went above and beyond and deep cleaned every surface of it before they gave it back. 11/10 can't recommend this place enough
Erin Delaney
Erin Delaney
I’ve been to this place twice and both times the service was excellent, fast, knowledgeable and affordable. And both times my MacBook Pro was fixed. I highly recommend Chris and Mac Ezpc.
Darenzia Elizabeth
Darenzia Elizabeth
Chris was absolutely amazing. My mid-2014 MacBook Pro 15" Retina was getting power but no longer charging the battery, and I discovered after I replaced the old battery myself that the remaining charging issue was most likely due to some corrosion on the logic board. Of course, the Genius Bar had told me that because some of the liquid sensors were tripped that it would be "a minimum $1200-1500 fix" and that the "entire board would need replacing"-which is absolute insanity. Knowing the issue wasn't that deep and absolutely hating the fact that Apple has a wasteful and expensive policy of "throwing out the baby with the bathwater", I was very pleased to have found this place in LA having moved here last year from NYC. Good logic board repair techs are hard to come by more and more these days, and this place did the job fast, honest, and thorough. I thought I was going to have to ship my laptop to Rossmann in NYC, but this place absolutely delivers the same level and quality of service for board-level repairs. The repair was a MERE FRACTION of what Apple wanted to charge me and this repair was a lot less wasteful as well. He also cleaned out all of the remaining dust inside so it now runs a lot less hot that it was as well. Thank you so much and I will absolutely come here should I need any other repairs of this nature. 100% recommend!
Steve Sanders
Steve Sanders
I got water damage on my MacBook Pro and would not turn on and my touch bar was broken. After a week of fixing he was able to fix both my touch bar and my laptop at an amazing price. Great experience and would definitely use their service again.
Martin Evans
Martin Evans
They did a great job with the day turnaround. I had my laptop back less than five days after drop-off. They had all the proper tools to do the job right! Would use them again without hesitation.
William Richardson
William Richardson
I went in for a logic board repair on my MacBook. Quick turnaround and much cheaper than buying a new logic board. Highly recommend this shop.